Hunted [Bound & Cuffed 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Jenny Penn

Hunted [Bound & Cuffed 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Jenny Penn

Author:Jenny Penn
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Romance
Published: 2015-12-03T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seven

“Well, this sucks.” Tex sighed heavily as he joined Brick, Logan, and Bruce around the island counter where they’d all kicked back with a beer to discuss the problem they now had. “But, at least we know why threatening that little twerp, Ken, didn’t work.”

“Yep.” Logan nodded. “Watching that dweeb isn’t going to get us anywhere.”

“You think he has help?” Bruce glanced over at Logan, who shrugged as Brick answered.

“I think he has a stalker.”

Tex choked on his beer, a laugh trying to get out as he swallowed. He almost ended up spitting it out while Logan and Bruce snickered, speaking for him when he couldn’t get the words out.

“That turd?” Logan snorted. “What loser would stalk him?”

“His mother,” Bruce shot back, chuckling over his joke before that idea slowly began to sink in.

That could be it. After all, if another woman wanted Ken, she wouldn’t be upset that Janie had rejected him. She’d be thrilled. A mother, on the other hand, would be insulted. It was also a crazy-ass idea, but it was clear somebody had gone crazy.

“Whoever it is, the best way to find out is to catch them in the act.” Tex set his beer down, sobering up as he considered the task in front of them.

They needed to bait a trap. That had always been the plan, but now it worried him. He didn’t want to put Janie in the way of danger. If anything happened to her…Tex couldn’t even finish that thought. It would devastate him that much.

He wasn’t sure when it had happened, or even how, but he simply knew that Janie meant that much to him. She was special, and Tex wouldn’t let her go. Never. Not ever.

“We need a new plan.” One that didn’t involve Janie at all.

Brick seemed to read his mind, nodding almost instantly at Tex’s grim declaration. Logan, though, and Bruce appeared confused, but then what did they know?

“Don’t we have one?” Logan frowned. “I thought you guys were going to head out to the cabin with her tonight. That should egg whoever’s harassing her on. We could have this wrapped up in hours and be home in time for Sunday football.”

“Forget Sunday football,” Tex snapped, irritated by the very idea that something like that would matter more than Janie. “We’re not taking her anywhere. We’re not putting her in the line of fire.”

“That’s kind of an extreme position,” Bruce retorted, stiffening up indignantly. “There is not going to be a line of fire because Logan and I will be there to catch whoever is behind all of this before they get anywhere near your precious fuck.”

Brick reacted instantly to that comment. Snapping a leg out, he kicked Bruce’s stool right out from under him. Bruce toppled to the ground with a holler as he banged his elbow on the edge of the counter. He ended up holding his arm and glaring up at Brick, who stared stonily back down at Bruce.

“She’s in the line of fire, whether


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