His Forever: Billionaire Alpha by Ali Parker

His Forever: Billionaire Alpha by Ali Parker

Author:Ali Parker [Parker, Ali]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: BrixBaxter Publishing
Published: 2017-01-09T18:30:00+00:00


"Hey, you!" Damon walked toward his brother, Matt, as the big oaf jogged off the plane and used the rope as a hurdle.

"I'm home!" Matt wrapped Damon in a tight hug and lifted him off the ground as Damon grunted. Matt might have been the little brother, but he wasn't little at all. Not by a long stretch.

"Hi, son." Damon's father moved up and wrapped Matt in a hug as soon as Damon released him. Matt's smile was so big, it had to have hurt his face, but he didn't seem to notice.

"Sick of Seattle already?" Damon asked as they walked toward baggage claim. He could only imagine that Matt would have one to two bags. He was a groomsman in the wedding and Karen might kill him if he didn't have his shoes and accessories that she and Bethany had picked out and shipped up to Seattle. Why in the fuck they expected Matt to keep up with anything was beyond Damon.

"No, it's beautiful up there, but there's no place like Texas. It's early spring and it feels like heaven." Matt gave a goofy grin and glanced over at their father. "Where's Karen and Bethany? I figured they would be with you guys."

"Too much to drink last night." Damon's dad shook his head. "These are some wild women your brother and I have chosen."

"Me too. Erica is..." Matt let out a long whistle. "She's something else."

"So, how did the showing go last night? You sell out?" Damon wrapped his arm around Matt's shoulders, ignoring the fact that his brother was actually a tiny bit taller than him.

"I sure did. Jonathan actually had a pre-sale, so by the time everyone got there and the show got started, we only had two of my paintings still for sale. The man is a genius." Matt pulled away from Damon. "My bag’s already coming down the shoot."

"Good. Go get it." Damon reached out and pulled Matt's backpack off his shoulders. "I'll take this one."

Matt started toward the baggage claim and glanced back. "You excited? Terrified? Exhausted?"

"I'm good. Peaceful, funny enough." Damon gave his brother a warm smile, excited to see the nugget-head for a week. Though he would never say it in a million years, he missed Matt like crazy.

"Peaceful, huh?" Damon's father moved up beside him. "I don't think I've ever heard you use that term when referring to yourself."

"I have Beth. I'm good. She's honestly all I need."

"Now that's new." His father glanced over at him. "I'm going to get the car. I'll meet you guys up front."

"Really? Playing chauffeur? You're a billionaire, Dad."

"Yeah, but not the typical one. You're not either." He walked off, turning back to wink at Damon before he disappeared into a sea of bodies.

"Where did Dad go?" Matt stopped beside him with a big suitcase fit for a horde of women traveling together.

"He went to get the car." Damon backed up and let his eyes move across the suitcase. "What the fuck are you doing with a bag that big?"

"What? This?" Matt said in a high-pitched voice.


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