Gunning for the Godman by Mathur Sanjeev & Lamba Ajay

Gunning for the Godman by Mathur Sanjeev & Lamba Ajay

Author:Mathur, Sanjeev & Lamba, Ajay [Mathur, Sanjeev]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Published: 2020-09-04T16:00:00+00:00

My mobile phone rang. It was Satyaprakash.

‘Satyaprakash! Shabash !’ I congratulated him. (Satyaprakash! Well done!)

Satyaprakash, however, was far from elated. In a high-pitched, panic-stricken voice, he said to me, ‘Lekin , sir … Mukta kisi bhi gaadi mein nahin hai. Woh humare saath nahin hai, sir. Woh peechche ashram main hi chhoot gayi hai lagta hai !’ (But, sir, Mukta is not in any of the vehicles. She is not with us, sir. It seems that she has been left behind at the ashram!)

I could not believe my ears. ‘What! Kya bol rahe ho? Yeh kaise ho gaya? Kaun tha uske saath ?’ (What! What are you saying? How did this happen? Who was with her?) I shouted back at him, equally worried and concerned about my brave officer. For that moment, I forgot about Satyaprakash’s mental agony.

‘Sir, mere saath mein hi thi magar lagta hai ki ashram ki dhakka-mukki mein woh nikal nahin payi. Sir, agar Asaram ke logon ko pata lag gaya ki woh police waali hai, woh usse maar denge, sir!’ he cried over the phone. (Sir, she was with me, but it seems that amidst the chaos at the ashram, she was not able to get out of there. Sir, if the supporters of Asaram get to know that she is a policewoman, they will kill her, sir!)

I was most perturbed, and wished I could have been in Indore at that moment. Even today, merely recalling that moment gives me the shivers. Mukta was emotionally attached to the case, much more than any of us. As concerned as I was about this unfortunate turn of events, nothing could have been done at that point in time. We could not turn back. But first, I had to calm Satyaprakash down, comfort him in some way.

‘Satyaprakash, tum fikar mat karo. Mukta bahut kaabil aur bahadur police officer hai aur usko apni suraksha karna aata hai. Usse kuch nahin hoga ,’ I tried to assure him. (Satyaprakash, don’t worry. Mukta is a competent and brave police officer. She knows how to protect herself.) ‘Let me do something,’ I added, and disconnected the call.

No sooner had I ended my conversation with Satyaprakash, than my phone rang again. It was Mukta!

‘Mukta? Tum kaisi ho aur kahan ho? Theek ho na ?’ I rattled off all the questions at a go, half-worried, half-delighted. (Mukta? How are you and where are you? You’re all right, yes?)

‘Yes, sir, main theek hoon ,’ she said. ‘Us bheed-bhaad mein main peechche reh gayi thi magar phir main ashram ke bahar aagayi. Kyunki main plain clothes mein hoon, kisi ne mujhe pehchana nahin. Sir, abhi bhi shor toh bahut mach raha hai, magar main surakshit hoon aur ashram se thodi hi door ek Indore police ki jeep mein airport ke raaste par hun. ’ (Yes, sir, I am fine. I got left behind in the melee but managed to come out of the ashram later. Nobody recognized me because I was in plain clothes. The uproar continues here, but I am safe and in an Indore police vehicle currently, on the way to the airport.


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