Food of the Gods by Terence McKenna

Food of the Gods by Terence McKenna

Author:Terence McKenna
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Published: 2010-01-29T04:46:54+00:00


Should future research indicate that ergot played no part at Eleusis, then Graves's insistence that psilocybin mushrooms constituted the mystery would need to be looked at very carefully. Perhaps knowl­edge of the Ur-plant of the Goddess, Stropharia cubensis, or some other psilocybin-containing mushroom did survive, not only into Minoan-Mycenaean times but even up until the final destruction of Eleusis.

Whatever its nature, the Eleusinian sacrament commanded the greatest respect and even love of the classical writers who invoked it: "Happy is he who, having seen these rites, goes below the hollow earth; for he knows the end of life and he knows its god-sent be­ginning," wrote the Greek poet Pindar. With the passing of Eleusis, the great broad river of partnership, Goddess worship, and hallu­cinogenic ecstasy that had flowed for over ten thousand years sank at last into that chthonic realm reserved for forgotten religions. Christianity's triumph ended the glorification of nature and planet as supreme spiritual forces. What Eisler called the "triumph of the blade" of dominator social models of paternalism and patriarchy was everywhere complete. Only a dim echo of the old ways con­tinued to reverberate in the form of such underground concerns as alchemy, hermeticism, midwifery, and herbalism.


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