Equilibrium of Terror: Part 2 by Eddie R. Hicks

Equilibrium of Terror: Part 2 by Eddie R. Hicks

Author:Eddie R. Hicks [Hicks, Eddie R.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-09-26T05:00:00+00:00

Danyal heard the pirate ship rumble as multiple psionic attacks were fired at an unknown target. He held onto his rifle and peered through the airlock windows into the halls of the pirate ship. His first thoughts were to communicate with Phylarlie, find out what’s going on, just he never figured out how the communication systems in the space suit work. That and she took her suit off, he’d have to communicate to her directly by accessing her ear communication implant, however the fuck those work.

Another blast went off, the lights in the hallway began to flicker, major damage must have been done to the inside. He hit the commands to force the doors in front of him to open and exited the airlock. His rifle extended forward, and his hands trembled slightly as he floated forward, not knowing what was going to come out from around the corner.

A loud deafening shriek erupted.

He spun around to face the source of the shrill. A wraith appeared from a forking passageway of the corridor he was in. He fired his rifle at it and every bullet tore holes through its chest and torso, but pain was something that didn’t exist for wraith, and it showed as it ran toward him at insane speeds.


It ran.

There was no gravity.

What the fuck?

Danyal instinctively retreated; only his act put him back inside the airlock. He was trapped; the angry wraith quickly stepped inside with him. Bullets weren’t putting it down and his mind was going a million kilometers a second. Panic, terror, was taking control. True he got mauled by these things before, but who’s to say he’d walk away from it again? Maybe whatever virus these things had wasn’t strong enough in the one that put him down, perhaps that’s why he didn’t change?

Fuck, fuck, fuck this can’t be the end!

The wraith shrieked again, as if it was celebrating its upcoming victory. Danyal needed a way out. And he found it. The airlock command. He hit the command with his fist quickly, forcing the door separating the halls and the airlock to slam shut, and the airlock doors behind him to pop open.

Vacuum did its thing seconds later, him and the wraith were blown out into space.

He lost his grip of the rifle as his body tossed and turned away from the pirate ship. The wraith was probably experiencing the same thing just he had no idea exactly where it was, or where he was tumbling to. He did have one advantage, the jets on his suit. He fired them periodically to slow his spinning down and regain control of his body. He couldn’t see where the wraith ended up, but did see his rifle continue to swirl away out of control.

His jets guided him toward his loose weapon and grabbed hold of it after an annoying five-minute chase. Danyal was rearmed and alone, with a wraith on the loose in the depths of space. If bullets through the chest didn’t down it, what were


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