Coincidance: A Head Test by Wilson Robert Anton

Coincidance: A Head Test by Wilson Robert Anton

Author:Wilson, Robert Anton [Wilson, Robert Anton]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Hilaritas Press, LLC.
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Semper as


A is the first letter of most European alphabets and is thus associated with beginnings or origins. The Hebrew A is pronounced aleph and spelled ALP by Cabalists writing in English, ALP being the English equivalent of the spelling of aleph in Hebrew, which is, in full a leph- l amek- p e. Cabalists have found many mystical meanings in this A or ALP, but not nearly as many as Joyce finds in FW .

ALP is Joyce's abbreviation for Anna Livia Plurabelle, the anima figure who combines all women and all rivers. In Joyce's notebooks ALP is symbolized , which is pronounced delta in Greek, a nice coincidence since rivers have deltas and the Greeks traditionally regarded as a symbol of the vagina. ALP or is thus a pure yin force in the Chinese sense, female and watery at once.

Anna Livia Plurabelle takes her name, in part, from the Dublin river, Anna Liffey. Livia Svevo, wife of Joyce's friend Italo Svevo, was also told that she was a partial model for ALP, and Joyce scholars have found the Roman Empress (and poisoner) Livia also included in ALP. This last is appropriate because as Joyce's anima, ALP should be the female part of his own personality and his middle name was Augusta , due to clerical error. (His parents intended Augustine, but the clerk was Irish and these things happen.)


By a similar clerical error, Joyce’s Leopold Bloom in Ulysses acquired Paula instead of Paul as a middle name.


Augusta was the title of the Roman Livia, wife of Augustus Caesar, so Livia=Augusta=the woman inside James Joyce.

Plurabelle (or sometimes Plurabella) seems more simple and just means "many beauties" or "many women" in Joyce's mixed Latin-Italian. However, it also includes a reference to Vico's repeated phrase "O pura et pia bella" (Oh pure and holy wars), an expression used often in his Scienza Nuova and entirely typical of his Neapolitan trickiness. Norman O. Brown in Closing Time takes the phrase at face value and thinks it expresses religious piety, but J. Mitchell Morse in A Conceptual Guide to Finnegans Wake thinks the expression contains veiled irony and as much sarcasm as Vico dared to show with the Inquisition looking over his shoulder. As somebody said, it is hard to translate Vico into English because English is a basically honest language.

Anna Livia Plurabelle is thus a very feminine and yin symbol, containing its own opposite—the yang (or macho) warfare imagery that links Vico to the brawl at Finnegan's Wake in the ballad. (Similarly, or HCE, Joyce's male or yang force, has a hidden female element, as in "Hag Chevychase Eve," where he has become bisexual. Chevychase invokes bear-goddess and huntress Artemis, or the virgin; Eve is the mother of us all; and Hag is the Crone or Wise Woman. We thus have the three aspects of the ancient Moon Goddess, virgin-mother-crone, within the male HCE.)

Permutated, ALP becomes APL which brings us back to the apple in the Garden of Eden, the Fall


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