Brooks,_Terry-Shannara-2-The_Druid_Of_Shannara by Terry Brooks - Shannara 02

Brooks,_Terry-Shannara-2-The_Druid_Of_Shannara by Terry Brooks - Shannara 02

Author:Terry Brooks - Shannara 02 [02, Terry Brooks - Shannara]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2010-10-24T05:10:17.711000+00:00

Morgan swallowed against the dry ness in his throat. What is

it that waits for us?

The walls of the break seemed to join overhead, and they

were left momentarily in utter blackness with only the thin line

of the passageway ahead to give them reassurance that they had

The Druid of Shannara

not been entombed. Then the walls receded again, and the light

returned. The rift opened into a valley that lay cradled between

the peaks. Shallow, rutted, choked with the husks of trees and

brush and with boulders many times the size of any man, it was

an ugly catchall for nature's refuse and time's discards. Skele-

tons lay everywhere, vast piles of them, all sizes and shapes,

scattered without suggestion of what creatures they might once

have been.


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