Civil War
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In Chesapeake Bay, vessels cleared from New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore for Washington, DC, would simply stop on the way to discharge cargo in Tidewater Virginia. Other cargoes shipped to ...
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*El ascendiente de Walker no duraría mucho. Al año siguiente tuvo que huir de Nicaragua. Después de otros intentos de crear problemas, fue capturado en Honduras y ejecutado el 12 ...
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Meanwhile, the arrests accelerated among the remaining Dakota near Camp Release, a succession of moments that were terrifying for his Dakota charges and troubling, if no more, to Sibley himself, ...
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Davis never admitted his bias. Instead, he attributed his enthusiastic support of a southern railroad to two other factors. One was his job as secretary of war. The other was ...
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5 p.m. The President of the United States came out on the White House porch with Mrs. Lincoln. He studied the sky and buttoned his coat. They were using the ...
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On March 29 Grant began moving. The rain had stopped and roads begun to dry. But the army was scarcely in motion when the skies opened again. “The heavy rains ...
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12 With Malice toward None With malice toward none; with charity toward all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on ...
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CHICAGO The American peace movement, spearheaded by the anti-Lincoln machinations of Thompson and the Copperheads, had sputtered as the Union made successful military advances in 1863, but it was revived ...
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