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Step 13: Let’s wrap this one up with some really nice, crisp sharpening. Go to the Detail panel, and in the Sharpening section up top, drag the Amount slider (the ...
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Very small flowers can be in only one pot, as shown to add beauty . This can be photographed at different angles. Tiny flowers are suitable for close up photos. ...
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Using Basic Panels The Basic Panel is an incredibly powerful tool in Lightroom, and it can be used to achieve incredible effects in almost any image. The Basic Panel provides ...
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• Cons: Might change the look/feel of the image. Dig into your settings to turn on your fill flash. This will force your flash to fire, better illuminating your subject, ...
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Using Analogous Colors If you want to create a sense of calm and peace with your photography, analogous colors should dominate your photo. Good examples of photos that mainly use ...
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Figure 4.3 Divide photos into general areas to clean. I do everything I can not to get bogged down in one area. This sucks the life out of you and ...
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Have you ever noticed that people who are really good at selfies always hold their phone up a few inches higher than their head, and then they look up at ...
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Practice Exercise For this exercise, take some photos using the Camera Raw technology via the Lightroom app or any Raw-supporting app. Then use this app to modify your photos, share ...
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Finally, if you enjoyed this book, then I’d like to ask you for a favor, would you be kind enough to leave a review for this book on Amazon? It’d ...
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BACKLIT NATURE SUBJECTS For backlit flowers, I’ll sometimes use a reflector. Without it, it’s a challenge to get both the petals and the center of a backlit flower acceptably exposed. ...
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Press the shutter button halfway to set focus. When focus is achieved, the camera displays a dot at the left end of the viewfinder, as shown in Figure 5-8. Focus ...
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We humans are inquisitive creatures. We love getting a look into someone else's life – and that means not only seeing what you do and what you like, but also ...
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To choose tones directly from the image, there is a tool called the Targeted Adjustment Tool (or TAT). Once you have it, move the cursor over the image. The crosshair ...
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