Arifureta Zero: Volume 4 by Ryo Shirakome & Takaya-ki & Ningen & DxS

Arifureta Zero: Volume 4 by Ryo Shirakome & Takaya-ki & Ningen & DxS

Author:Ryo Shirakome & Takaya-ki & Ningen & DxS
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Published: 2020-07-05T16:00:00+00:00

Meiru fled from Lyutillis’ grasp, her hair already disheveled. But before she could go more than a few steps, a wall of poisonous butterflies blocked her path. Lyutillis crawled over to her and waited patiently for more punishment, her cheeks flushed. She arched her back a little and gave Meiru a suggestive look, as if asking Meiru to sit on her.

“You know, despite how annoyed Meru-nee looks, everything she does is exactly what Lyu-chan wants.”

“Lyu’s fetishes and Meiru’s personality are a perfect match.”

Meiru reluctantly sat down on Lyutillis, and Lyutillis’ eyes lit up with excitement. Miledi and Naiz watched the two of them with an oddly gentle look in their eyes. Despite how much Meiru said she hated being around Lyutillis, in the end she always ended up giving the queen the sadistic beatdown she wanted. This past month, Meiru had really grown into a good master. Miledi and Naiz took their tea set out from their Treasure Troves as they discussed the evolution of Meiru and Lyutillis’ relationship. Meanwhile, Meiru seemed utterly shocked that her beloved little sister Miledi wasn’t coming to her aid. Lyutillis took advantage of Meiru’s shock to escalate her antics even further.

From the looks of it, the ancient magic users were enjoying their brief respite between battles to the fullest. As the group sipped their tea, Miledi unconsciously glanced southwards. She was unaware of the action herself, and looked somewhat spaced out. Her actions didn’t escape Meiru’s notice.

“Fufu. Oh Miledi-chan,” Meiru chuckled, still sitting on Lyutillis’ back. A playful grin spread across her face as a sudden urge to tease Miledi welled up within her.

“Huh? What’s up?”

Miledi turned to Meiru, looking genuinely confused.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Oscar-kun will arrive soon.”

Miledi’s cup rattled as her hand started to shake, and she hurriedly averted her gaze.

“Huh? Where’d that come from, Meru-nee? I wasn’t even thinking about O-kun. Why’d you bring him up?”

“You’re not convincing anyone when you look that flustered, Miledi.”

“Shut up, Nacchan!”

Naiz obediently shut up. However, Meiru wasn’t done teasing Miledi yet. She was still holding a grudge over the fact that Miledi had abandoned her minutes ago.

“You know, you’ve been looking south more frequently lately.”

“N-No I haven’t.”

“Yes you have. Who’re you hoping to see there, I wonder?”

“W-Well even if I have, it’s only natural. After all, once the others join up with us we’ll be able to put an end to this war. What’s wrong with looking forward to their arrival? There’s nothing weird about me unconsciously looking south more often than usual! Man, I can’t wait until Van-chan and the others get here!”

Miledi’s composure was back. She really did look like she meant what she said. Of course, Meiru and Naiz were still grinning at her.

“Are Miledi-tan and Oscar-san lovers?” Lyutillis asked, genuinely curious.

“No way. Also, Lyu-chan. Isn’t it about time you sat down like a normal person?”

“But then Onee-sama won’t have anywhere to sit...”

“We’ve got more chairs, you know!”

“I see you all came prepared.”

“Why do you sound so depressed about that!? Actually, don’t


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