All Through the Night by unknow

All Through the Night by unknow

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Published: 2001-09-30T16:00:00+00:00

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Chapter Two

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Becky looked faint. “Spanking,” she said in a strangled, barely there whisper, clutching her throat.

“I have a theory,” Asia hurried to explain. “If a guy gets his kinkier jollies taken care of with props, then he won’t expect to fulfill them with a woman.”

Erica dropped back in her seat with a guffaw. “You big faker! You really had me going there.”

Becky asked, still a bit confused, “So you figure if he buys movies about spanking, he’ll have it out of his system and won’t try anything like that with you?”


Erica shook her head. “And here I thought you had a wild side.”

“Not even close.” Asia thought about it for a moment, then decided it was time for some truths. She could trust Erica and Becky, she knew that. They’d understand. “Actually, I had a wild first husband.”

“Get out! You were married?”

“Yes. To a complete and total jerk.”

Erica’s smile faded. “And he hit you?”

“Not exactly. But he liked to… experiment. Everything was geared toward what he’d like, whether I liked it or not. And I never did. But he’d claim it was my duty as his wife to try to please him, and I was confused enough then to feel some guilt, because I couldn’t please him on my own.”

Becky surprised them both by growling, “That bastard.”

After giving Becky a long approving look, Erica asked “How long were you with him?”

“We married right out of college when I was twenty-two. The divorce became final just before my twenty-fifth birthday.”

“He did a number on you, didn’t he? That’s why you don’t date.”

“Let’s just say I like being independent now, thinking my own thoughts and doing my own things. I’m not looking for a relationship, and I don’t want—didn’t want—any part of a quick affair.” She tapped her fingers on the tabletop. “But you’re right, Erica. I might be missing out on a lot, and to my mind, I’ve missed enough already. I deserve some satisfaction.”

Erica thrust a small fist into the air and said, “Here’s to satisfaction,” making Becky chuckle.

“So,” Asia said, feeling equal parts triumphant for being decisive, anticipation for what might be, and hesitant about the unknown. “That’s settled. I’ll head over there tomorrow.”

“We’ll watch from here,” Becky told her, and Erica nodded.

Knowing they’d be close would make it easier, Asia decided. “Your turn, Becky.”

Becky blanched. “My turn for what?”

“To share a fantasy.”

She winced. “I need time to think about it.”

As the unofficial moderator, Erica sighed. “All right. You can have until Friday.”

Slumping in relief, Becky said, “Friday.” She smiled. “I’ll be ready.”

Cameron stood in the aisle of tapes, surreptitiously watching the door. Unwilling to take a chance on missing Asia, he’d been there for half an hour. Already he’d studied every cover and description of all the more erotic discipline tapes. Some of them were downright disgusting. Pain and pleasure… he wasn’t at all sure they really mixed. Not that he intended to judge others.

Not that he’d judge Asia.

He had his eye


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