Adventures Of Anna-S1E8 by Snehlata Gupta

Adventures Of Anna-S1E8 by Snehlata Gupta

Author:Snehlata Gupta
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-07-17T00:00:00+00:00

“What happened Anna?

“Granny, I have ordered something different by mistake.”

“OK, we can use that later. You order eggplant once again.”

Anna carefully pressed the eggplant button this time.

In a few minutes, the doorbell rang.

“Mummy, we just ordered the eggplants …and here they come. Isn’t the fridge awesome?” Sam was gloating about his gadget.

“Yes, Yes, we used to go so far to the market to buy everything. Now go, open the door.

“Sir, your order again.” The same delivery boy was at the door.

“Yes, how much is the bill?”

“Sir, 150.”

“What? So much for eggplants??”

“No Sir. It is for 24 eggs, 4 litres milk, flour and eggplants.”

“What? What is happening?”

“Sir, I don’t know, you, please pay the bill. I am tired of delivering to your house so many times since last night.”

“But, I have only 100.”

“Don’t worry Sir. I will add it to my next visit when I come once again with eggs, milk and flour.”

Sam took everything to the kitchen.

“Maya, hide these 24 eggs soon.”

“What, more eggs? The drum is already full.”


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