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1580110061 by mlyle

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A Cut a new strip of wood for the runner. Glue and clamp the i new runner in position on the drawer.

5 Plane the runner edge until the drawer fits and works smoothly in the cabinet.

patch slightly larger, you can plane or sand it after attaching it. Plane the joint edge of the patch, making it dead straight for a good fit with the drawer-side edge. Glue and clamp the new runner in position. Remove any excess glue with a damp rag, and then let the glue dry for two hours.

5 Plane the patch. If you removed the drawer side (Step 2), reinstall it. Smooth the runner with a block plane, and trim it at the back if necessary.

Sometimes you can remove worn runners (inset) inside a casegood and switch them to the other side of the carcase by turning them upside down. Use a mallet and chisel for removal.


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